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The lake, holding the bloated body of the trusting fisherman, unsuspecting, brought to his fatal finish by false friend.Though his poetry expressed American ideals, the way he expressed it was new and unusual for the time (EBonline).In his time, his writing was considered vile, sacrilegious, and poetic garbage.It has been accepted for inclusion in Walt Whitman Quarterly Review.I am the party-goer, immoral, innocent of love, and so taken advantage.He decided to go apart from all the other styles or rhythmic pentameter and all that.

I am a boat, buffeted by billows-too high-spilling precious cargo, human lives.Walt Whitman did a great service to America by exposing it but at the same time, praising it.Walt Whitman though had his ways with getting to people and he became one of the best poets in the history of poetry.Removed and dispassionate, I record the numbers carried from failed battle, to be replaced by brethren.

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The Writing Style of Elie Wiesel In the memoir Night, Elie Wiesel uses a distinct writing style to.I think my writing style is narrative, but I know that I use all of these elements when writing.Walt Whitman. STUDY. PLAY. Who were the 3 major Transcendentalists.

WALT WHITMAN: THE MYTHOLOGY OF PERFECT AND FREE INDIVIDUALS. the idea of perfect and free individuals.

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Reading reviews about Walt Whitman written during his lifetime provides. with the roughness of his style. Despite a.The dining room, witness to dramas, memories and miseries, silent and without judgement.

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I am courageous, craven, dull, dashing, fragile or fanatic, but above all, I am ubiquitous.Poems Slams Once Upon a Poem Scholarship Slam Fate Love Poems Poet Leaderboard Poem Map Famous Poets Groups What are groups.Whitman's father Walt died at age sixty five. Writing Style & Theme.I am the sad, the delighted, the mysterious, the crestfallen, the militant and peaceful.The writing style of Walt Whitman is one that cannot be considered Realism nor can it be considered Modernism because his writing as a whole has a combination of both.

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He has a different kind of writing style that can not be taken out and put into a different period.

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I think he knew that his realistic approach to the American way of life stepped on the toes of those who chose not to accept the less favorable aspects of America.

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He is a very unique writer and he will always be one of the most memorable poets because of his unique writing styles that were big back in his time.Whitman continued practicing his new style of writing in his.

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I found this quote interesting because it does make sense now as to what he writes about or how he writes.He often uses free verse, having decided to go apart from all the other styles or rhythm.