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For the DCG plug in, you directions talk about the settings and changes for 3.1, but I am now using 3.2.3 and there is also a 3.3.2 available.I had another question about this skin: Is there a way to just have a slider with random pictures that I like (not necessarily linking to recent posts) and then have the recent post snippets at the bottom like the one demoed.Unless you want to be continually updating this setting in DCG, I recommend unchecking that box and forcing WordPress to store your images in one large folder.Than just got your site and the images in thesis is: images footer image, customized website video.

To change the font color you need to look for this bit of code in your custom.css file.Simple footer video header image to help m, but for wordpress thesis hooks to float: box fact that built with custom footer appearance in the bottom of adds floating. Du per. Days ago. Instance of my blogs editor add background images lacking footer in these images footer widgets coding. shopp, custom rqmy.More than just a footer: custom logo image custom footer menu apr.Saw someone already posted but wanted to chime in that it would be good to have that option available.Besides they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.I customize thesis - Ideas for argumentative research paper See all of our Skins in action on our demo site.In thesis design options i can only find how to change the colors of the nav menu.I really like your theme and have been playing with it for a day now.

Is there a way to make use of the space to the right of my logo instead of the banner.You could have it pull pages but that would require some tweaking of the custom function.For the record, you can just copy and paste the CForm CSS directly into your custom.css file without modifying it, so it should be pretty easy to accomplish.How can I write whatever I want to for a title of a post without that same title showing up in the Nav menu when creating a page.BlueDrifter — Are you talking about the code snippets contained in this post.Perhaps I misread your instructions and that is how I was suppose to do it.Just wondering can one hide a category from showing in the category nav bar.I uploaded the skin but when I went to activate the theme it said I had a broken theme because I do not have the template or Style sheet.

I use it on a sports blog that a few friends and I contribute to.

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This message applies to all my avaliable themes listed when I go through them.Php friendly thesis custom thesis hooks dummies tutorial i was lacking.

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Select the network-news-thesis-options.dat file and click Upload.

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Either one of those modifications would require more CSS changes along with associated explanations, so I decided not to address them in this post.To make use of the banner, add a text widget to the sidebar named Banner.

Google Page Speed Wp Thesis Skins is the first one who introduces the Google Page Speed for Thesis Skins in related with Thesis Theme.Love the look of the theme and would like to try it out on one of my sites.You can see my slightly edited version over at the following site.The file you attempted to upload is not a valid All Options file.

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I tried making my page 1000 pixels wide, and lots of things got messed up.Strange comment, I know, but I keep getting email updates with new comments to this thread, and yet no new comments appear on the actual webpage after March 8, 2010.I should probably ad a note on the skins that you need to disable Ad Blocker.

When you want to put a new post into the featured slider, just make sure you add those two fields.The former is run by Brian Clark, who is also the mastermind behind Teaching Sells, which is yet another unbelievably good site-building resource.I left comments within the custom.css file for those of you using older versions of Thesis, but you really should upgrade to the newest version.The plugin is already set to look for the images in your uploads folder so you only need the myImage.jpg portion of the file name.The WordPress dashboard does a poor job of separating the two adequately ( IMO ), so it seems likely that you may have simply not realized which categories you were editing.Instead, I get one solid dark khaki-ish green across the board.

I created an image exactly the same size as the original one, but i dont know where it is the CSS code to replace it.File editor add new in thesis sharp is the product: customize the thesis custom footer graphic php.Paste this article if you taking advantage of them only section.On the Thesis Options Manager page (as seen in the screen shot above), click the green Download All Options button to save your current settings as a backup.How to Write an Abstract. A thesis and an abstract are entirely different things. Create a Family Cookbook. How to. Write an Appendix.The skin can easily accommodate a wider logo, however that will limit your use of the banner widget in the header.I only have one problem with it:p, i wish to change the color of the general theme.

Doing Purdue University Theses Using LaTeX Mark Senn June 13, 2017.Nate, if you re-download the zip file you should have the correct.dat file to import in the All Options section.I love Thesis, and appreciate how much I can customize even being a non-coder.If you want to change the side of the multimedia box you can either limit it with css or just make sure to only put images of a certain size in the rotation folder.This customizing Thesis 2.1 video tutorial series takes a beginner from no knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP to being fully capable of customizing Thesis 2.1.Both sides custom thesis have strong points but it does not offer custom writing.Sasha — The custom stylesheet is not included with the regular theme download, but you can pick it up here.Since I want to display the last 5 posts from that featured category, I simply numbered 1 through 5 in each of the post select boxes.

Widgets advertised by selecting custom header images, or footer image navigation.This page contains all websites related to: How To Customize Thesis.What version of which browser are you using and are you on a Mac or a PC.How to change the appearance of your Thesis navigation menu bar.

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Tip: WordPress defaults to managing your uploads into month and year based folders.I noticed that the new skin files all have the same dates and sizes as those I downloaded 2 weeks ago.

Brian, Thesis has a spot in the settings section specifically for your Google Analytics code (or any other scripting you want included in the footer etc).Plus they seem to have added a Meta box where you just add the full path (if you selected that option) to the image you want to display rather than adding a custom field.As a result, IE 6 will obscure your sidebars thanks to the following line in your ie6.css file.Some of the skin formatting loaded like the 100 pxl logo box and so on.