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Introduction: I would like to start by asking you this, do you value your life.In my experience of 10 years working in this field I have spent countless hours studying the effects of texting while driving and can tell you, it is very dangerous.The use of a cellphone is considered a necessity now a day among drivers that are currently on the road.

People nowadays have to be in contact with friends and family at every moment of the day especially while driving it is the equivalent of driving under the influence, using hand-held devices (like Bluetooth) will decrease the number of accidents caused by phones, and studies show texting reduces a p.For years, we relied on a land line connection to house, office, stores, and phone booths to communicate with people.In some instances when writers want to get a deeper message across to the audiences they. use a sadder approach.There are some startling statistics about texting and driving.

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You can not always express the way you feel through a message because it can be taken that seriously.

Typically, whenever and wherever, everyone is engaged in some form of technology, cell phones in particular.A little boy, named Xzavier Davis-Bilbo, was crossing a street near his home when a young woman who was texting and driving ran him over.The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration states that texting while driving is about six times more likely to cause an accident than driving intoxicated.Our social lives open a door for us, which has so many benefits.Today I will explain why I disagree with texting while driving is an unsafe practice.More and more drivers have the urge to use their cell phones while driving.As a result, she was hit by a white truck at the intersection.Although a lot of people text while driving, they never admit that they do so.

It has become very popular to use our phones to call, text, e-mail, and even research on the internet. As. technology gives us better phones we become attached to our luxuries.The radiation being emitted is due to the communication between the cellphone and the nearest cellphone tower.Teens are trying to do much while they are learning this new skill.The following essay was written before the recent efforts in Michigan to ban texting while driving.Texting and driving is becoming more of a dangerous each year.However, texting while operating a vehicle is extremely dangerous.

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Things are done differently these days, including in romantic relationships.People can send messages instantly through - what one could easily guess - instant messaging, schedule a meeting with a simple tweet or text, or even hold their own conference discussions simply from their cellular phones.

Instant messaging, Mobile phone, Personal digital assistant.In other words, many studies have shown texting does improve literacy skills.

But the important idea here is not just the fact they have changed, it is the notion that the use of social media and texting is actually harming relationships more than it is helping them.Across the nation, numerous advertising and support groups are spreading the word to encourage society to put phones down and focus on driving instead of texting.Some people in our society think that stricter laws should be implemented, but others think that the general public should be better educated.Argumentative essay about texting while driving. Texting While Driving Essay Texting or using a cell phone while driving is very.

Driving under this influence is extremely careless and dangerous to others and is likely to cause accidents resulting in injuries or deaths.These results are sorted by most relevant first (ranked search).Supreme Ventures Limited is local company, owned and operated by Jamaicans.

Communication is supposed to be face- to- face and not electronically.

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That is a plethora of people that are at risk of texting while driving.Text messaging became a method of communication to send short messages that does not require calling up and talking to a person for longer period of time.

The paper will explore the following question of why this is a problem and why the research is important.You can order a custom essay on Texting and Driving topic at our professional essay writing agency.Studies also show that driving while texting is equivalent to drinking four beers while driving (DWI).

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