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It talks about platoon battle fight of American soldiers from Alpha Company.Book Analysis The Things They Carried English Literature Essay.He puts his faith in his love for Martha because he has little faith in the war and that it gives him comfort.

It gives the reader vivid depictions of the horrors of fighting in war and how the men cope with it.

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We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.The analysis of all these sources, will give the reader a grasp on the symbols used in the novel.The Things They Carried is a collection of interconnected short story pieces which all together add up to dramatic force and tension of a novel.

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To the soldiers, storytelling helps them cope with the reality of war and also assists in communication.Stories have been bound in the novel from the beginning right to the end.

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In addition to the burden already imposed by the necessary things, they have other necessary things, by their own understanding, which is much more valuable to them.Get help with your Vancouver referencing with our free online tool.He not only has to deal with killing someone but the possibility of him not being able to save one of his friends from death.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on The Things They Carried Theme.He carries a picture of her playing volleyball closer to his heart to hold on to the memories.Tags: english essays, The Things They Carried essay example, The Things They Carried essay sample, The Things They Carried essays, The Things They Carried research paper, The Things They Carried term paper.Cross carries with him is love of Martha and his dreams that he can one day have a family with Martha.His idea to make camp on sewage grounds caused the death of one of his men.

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It tells how men had to suffer with the guilt of death and how they overcame their fears and survived.The Things They Carried in the Things They Carried Essay. help him prevent against trench foot.

Lt Cross had the guilt of the death of his own man hang on his shoulders.Every soldier hears the horror stories of war but never really understands till they are in war themselves.

It is a collection of interrelated short stories, mainly about the Vietnam War.Men from all over the united states were being drafted to fight for their country in a land that very few knew of.Though he would like to flee to Canada, he is too embarrassed to refuse his duty and so enters the war.