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In the third millennium, the pictorial representations became simplified and more abstract as the number of characters in use grew smaller, from about 1,000 in the Early Bronze Age to about 400 in Late Bronze Age (Hittite cuneiform).

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Press (newspaper) occupies an important place in our society.

Role of media in the society:. but also through radio and newspaper. Media plays an important role in society it informs us about certain strikes,crimes,.Comment: The Role of Technology in Society and the Need for Historical Perspective Author(s): A.The Roles of Newspapers Newspapers keep the people aware of the activities of the government.Local news crisis: why newspapers remain so. why newspapers remain so important to the. to everyone that makes the role of the local newspaper even.The role of the media in a democratic society. people view the political and social issues facing society.

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Religion and today society should not be separated because religions play a very important role in bringing the society in unity, mutual co-operation, understanding and peace in the society.

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For a long time media was one of the methods of controlling people and leisure.Media is potential platform for exchanging the thoughts and opinions.The importance of education and science cannot also be denied.Today, there are a large number of mass media which provide well-researched and sharply structured content with friendly readers.

Together, the different elements are a product of societal change, forced regulations, rising living.

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The Indian Newspaper Society ( INS ) (formerly Indian and Eastern Newspaper Society) acts as the central organization of the Press of India, an independent body.Religion is supposed to be a positive force in the society and will inspire good works and make people feel informed and part of the group. (MORE).

Essay On The Role of Newspapers. Newspapers play an important role in a.It can be a very effective and rewarding tool in the hands of shrewd individuals.Religion is very much the same today as it was when at the beginning.

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Newspaper, etc but amidst these. one will like to know its role is a democratic society,.When we have a problem or violence in the community, we deal with religious term and could solve many problems in a peaceful way.Cuneiform script is one of the earliest known systems of writing.

There are many countries around the world where religion governs the legislative framework and the mechanisms of the state and is therefore used to oppress and persecute those who do not conform to the economically superior dogmas.This animosity is abundantly evident in the Middle East and the civil wars in India and Sri Lanka or Pakistan.Cuneiform writing was gradually replaced by the Phoenician alphabet during the Neo-Assyrian Empire, and by the 2nd century AD, the script had become extinct.There is an abundance of evidence in many societies worldwide, where religious bigots persecute men and women because of their sexual or racial preference.

A newspaper in the present time makes us familiar with the up-date current events of our nation.Most of our problems could be solved by following religious morals.

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The acts of terrorism against Americans are also evidence of religious bigotry.The press should aim at the prosperity of the nation in every sphere from all points and quarters.

Daily News Newspaper is the most important tool in the shaping the growth and development of any society in this modern world.

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Cuneiform documents were written on clay tablets, by means of a blunt reed for a stylus.These are external links and will open in a new window History is just as important as science and engineering when it comes to fostering innovation and helping.

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Even on this network there is the experience of condescending prejudice against those who dares to challenge what some consider to be a myth.

Religion feeds the hunger of the soul and your soul has more needs than your physical body does.

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