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These are symbols of the obstacles of going into the world and the effort needed.Firstly there is Frank with a good job as a teacher and a large house and is well educated, who is contrasted with Rita who has a council house, works as a hairdresser and is not well educated.She started to feel like she was just another person in a crowd, nobody special at home so she starts a literature course at the Open University.She is being forced to have a baby by her husband Denny and regrets not getting any qualifications.Although their classes are very different there are still connections that bind them together in a way.Rita sees education as a means to an end that enables her to break free from her societal restrictions as a female.

Willy Russel writes about the clash of cultures from each of the English classes.When going from familiar experiences to new ones, obstacles are usually overcome before being totally successful.The play follows her as her character and relationship with her tutor, Frank develop and change until she finally passes her exams and they part.Some people may think that these would make the play seem boring.With a lack of learning she had only hairdressing to turn to.Comparing Act One Scene One and Act Two Scene One of Educating Rita.Russell wrote the play in the 1980s and it is somewhat autobiographical, it explores the structure of society and its link with education at a time when education was becoming available for all classes.

There are obviously factors which make it so effective, and I intend to explore these factors.And yet as one examines the script of Educating Rita it seems as though two people, who society has attempted to separate from each other in every possible way, still have the world in common.

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Rita not only has become more confident but she has bought new second hand clothes, a symbol of her growth into the world.The door is a symbol for the barrier of going into the world.

What comments is he making by showing us these two very different characters.Educating Rita Essay.The movement into a new world can me emotional, physical or mentally and can be a personal change or be.Both Frank and Rita, as well as the other, more minor characters, embark on this journey as Rita begins her Open University course.She fits in a working class D, the way she speaks (language) is different the type of clothes she wears is different, she wears mini skirts.

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When he was five his mum and dad moved to Knowsley, on an estate full of Liverpudlians who taught him how to talk properly.

He is working class and has never been to university, like Rita before she goes to she Frank.While Frank seems quiet, polite, nervous and lost, Rita is loud, pushy, confident and self-assured.The book is a semi autobiographical story about a woman who has achieved nothing in her life and wants to get an education before it is too late.On the way you could say she loses her job and her husband, but it is worth asking whether these are really losses to the person Rita, or rather Susan, becomes.The play is based on Rita, the hairdresser who wants a better life, and begins this adventure by enrolling in an Open University course.In Scene 8 we find that Rita has chosen her new life over Denny and has packed her bags and left him.It is effective because we find out that Frank is alcohol dependent and he is lazy by not getting the door fixed.Which means that because Rita is working class she has to break away from the restrictions, which are imposed, on her by her husband Denny and the community she lives in.Following these scenes the relationship between them changes significantly.

They suggest that everyone is capable of fulfilling his potential if he is only given the opportunity.

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I think the most obvious likeness between the two plays is the theme of education.She does not have much interest in hair dressing and it does not feel that it is good enough for her.Spud comparative self compacting concrete master thesis abreacts his learned Pardi educating rita.Educating Rita Is A Dramatic Comedy English Literature Essay.

In reflection, Rita has come to realise how the law expectations surrounding her and her working class culture held her back from her real potential.I will explore just how the play has survived in current British culture, with hundreds of plays being written every year, yet still remaining a favourite of students, grandparents, and critics alike.He feels bad about drinking nevertheless he feels compelled and destined to.The script of Educating Rita, by Willy Russel, about the transformation of a woman going into the world, is great proof for the persuasion of the statement, as well as a visual text from the Sunday telegraph called, Two Boys in Redfern.

In the play Educating Rita by Willy Russell there are two main characters, Rita and Frank.To help me to do this I will look at: Cultural context and setting, for example, why was the play set in the North of England, and how does it help the play.Frank says that he understands, but he is never quite convinced that he is doing the right thing in turning Rita into the kind of person who is acceptable to and approved by the academic world.Frank on the other hand is a lecturer of literature but does not have everything.Her intention is to gain a college education and she largely succeeds in this.Rita, an uneducated lady, is unhappy with the limitations of her social class and feels that to escape the limitations she needs to get a properly recognised education.Main characters Rita and Frank are the only two characters whom we see on stage, though other people are referred to by both of them.She aims to reach her goal through an Open University course, yet naively thinks knowing what books to read and clothes to wear will allow her to immediately become accepted as part of her chosen social strata.Rita wants to be educated she decides to take an Open University course.

Not only is she educated in English Literature to gain a qualification, but also she is also educated to make the transition from the lower social class towards the middle one.

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