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Is she bound not to give out that info to anyone other than the student.

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The awards will target students at historically or predominantly black colleges.I think the best bet with old SAT scores is to use concordance tables to convert to new SAT scores.Technically, you would want to double-check your PSAT score report to show that NMSC showed you as eligible for the competition (high school junior and U.S. citizen or permanent resident).Than you so much for providing such a valuable information on NMS which is not available.

Question 1: Should I request his scores to be part of his permanent record, because his score was good on a 8th grade student.The overall level of cutoffs would have to shift up or PA would have to leapfrog a lot of states for its Semifinalist level to reach 222.The Capstone awards are for graduating college students nominated by faculty.I have a daughter who is a Jr in High school and she has a SSI of 221.My daughter is from iL and she is an NMS semifinalst for 2017.At the risk of stating the obvious, the advice depends on whether or not you want to be a Finalist.

At the other end of the spectrum, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, and Wyoming have NMSF cutoffs of 209.Members of central university press awarded on the student enter the national merit scholarship essay writing.The National Merit Scholarship Program is a. an essay written by the.The Compass projections are better estimates, but they are still just estimates.There are some Special Scholarships that can be awarded to Commended Students (a parent might work at a company that sponsors scholarships in these cases).Sorry to hear that your first go at the SAT did not give you what you wanted.

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It gets 13% of Semifinalists because it produces approximately 13% of high school graduates.

I would hope they would be consistent on how they calculate the SI.I wish that I could speak as definitely about his Finalist chances.The easiest calculation of the SSI is from your section scores.The 8,000 NM Scholars figure is simply the approximate sum of all corporate and college-sponsored awardees.In previous years, the confirming score needed to be 196, but it may be higher this year.Even if your scores are high enough, you will not be eligible for National Merit as a sophomore unless you will be graduating a year early.Yes, admissions can be fickle at the most competitive colleges.You make an excellent point about waiting — as you point out, there is no reason she has to take it this year, and could take it next fall if it suddenly becomes important for her to try to get Finalist status.

For a more study-as-you-go approach, I would recommend linking your College Board PSAT account to a Khan Academy account.

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Only his PSAT Selection Index will matter for Semifinalist status.

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However, it ranges from 60-240 rather than from 48-228 because the SAT extends each section to an 800 point maximum.

I had gotten a 34 on the ACT and was quite content with my score so I did not feel the need to take the SAT.All I can say is that there are far more awards NOT based on PSAT score than there are National Merit awards.The Selection Index is a weighting of your PSAT scores to determines the level of your recognition within the initial stages of the National Merit program.However, of the 16,000 Semifinalists, 15,000 eventually do become Finalists.Although approximately 1% of test takers will become Semifinalists, there are a number of reasons why percentile scores are far too inaccurate to determine eligibility, especially since cut-offs vary dramatically from state to state.Because of the secrecy of the blackball process, I was never told why I was blackballed, only that I did not get a school recommendation.The test and scoring changed, so the cut-offs will also change.

A student able to achieve a 36 on the ACT could likely take a peek at the SAT instructions, roll out of bed, and nail a confirming SAT score at any point.I would contact NMSC to see if there is anything that can be done in this situation.The National Merit Scholarship Corporation. and feel free to omit the optional essay. questions or concerns,.Thank you for your informative website and taking the time to answer questions.Over 500,000 high school students are earning no-essay college scholarships for.Being named a Finalist means that a student got an excellent PSAT score, an excellent SAT score, and had very good grades.I can appreciate your disappointment given how well your son performed and how close he came.

The degree to which a score exceeds the cutoff, though, is not a factor.Of these, around half win scholarships after submitting their high school records, as well as recommendations from teachers and a personal essay.Scholarship Essay Contests. ABA Academic Merit Scholarship. National Help America See Scholarship for A Blind Student.If she were to take the SAT again, and gain a higher score, how will that help.

Thank you for an enlightening FAQ that more than covers everything we need to know about everything up until finalist.Is there any benefit to be awarded the commended status on the PSAT.

For some students the decision is an easy one, because they want to pursue a scholarship opportunity.Most students take the PSAT at their high school in the fall of their sophomore or junior year.Students receive scores (often thought of as subscores) on each of these tests from 10-40.I am still confused with the matching of SI 209 to an SAT score, not sure how to do that really.I know my daughter is a semi finalist because I found her name in a press release.

Did sponsors balk at supporting a scholarship based primarily on test scores.Art graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University, where he was the top-ranked liberal arts student in his class.I think if they are calling themselves a Merit Scholarship program, they should focus on merit rather than whether the student is from one of the Chosen Families of the town.

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So I jumped through all the hoops pursuing National Merit Scholar without realizing that I had no chance because NMS allows the school to veto semifinalists from becoming finalists.The National Merit and National Achievement Scholarships are available to.

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This will help you identify test skills and knowledge areas where you need extra practice.Does being commended mean anything when it comes to college applications.She did well enough on the PSAT last year to get Semi-Finalist if she had been a junior and felt even better on the PSAT this week.The only other pieces for Finalist are applying, grades, and school endorsement.Her current October SAT is also 1510, which should validate the PSAT score.Also, College Board considers Reading and Writing and Language to be separate tests.The percentiles can be tough for students to interpret because they provide different types.